Different types of prayer

Blessing and Adoration (Worship)

In prayers of adoration or worship, we exalt the greatness of God, and we acknowledge our dependence on him in all things.


In prayers of petition we ask God for things we need. Our prayers of petition should always include a statement of our willingness to accept God’s Will.  The Our Father is a good example of a prayer of petition, as we pray “Thy will be done” we show that we acknowledge God’s plans for us are more important than what we desire.


In a prayer of intercession, we’re concerned with the needs of others. Just as we ask the saints to intercede for us, we in turn intercede through our prayers for others.


Grace Before Meals is a good example of a prayer of thanksgiving. However, we should be thanking God throughout the day for the good things that happen to us and to others.


The Psalms are perhaps the best-known example of prayers of praise. Prayers of love or charity are another form of prayers of praise; they are expressions of our love for God.