Praying with your spouse

If your spouse is a non-believer it can be difficult to pray together for your children or yourselves. When we were worried or anxious about our children or any situation we would hold each other’s hands and just quietly sit and think about the situation/problem/needs for a few minutes. As the catholic, I would then just talk/pray aloud about the issue and ask God to enter into the situation and to ease any anxieties and to guide us. Sometimes my husband may add something, sometimes not, but we both felt better by just focusing together on the issue.

As the years progressed he would often lead the prayer time, but we always hold each other as we pray, even now after 45 years together. There is something very powerful about being in physical contact as we pray and share together, it brings us great joy, no matter what is happening that day or has already occurred. Why not try it and see for yourself!


Catholic couples

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